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11.24.17 - Holidays/Christmas/Food and Beverage/Recipes/French Toast/King's Hawaiian
King's Hawaiian - King's Hawaiian Famous French Toast Recipe.

11.23.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Veterans/Navy/AirForce
Happy Holidays from the Navy Exchange, Shop Now for Christmas. Navy Exchange - Save on brand name electronics, handbags, jewelry, Navy Pride, shoes, clothing & more at the Navy Exchange. Shop online or at your local NEX today! #WeBelieve

11.22.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Eggnog/Simple Recipes
Simply Recipes - A lightly spiked eggnog recipe.

11.21.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Eggnog/Chowhound
Chowhound - Chowhound's classic spiked eggnog recipe.

11.20.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Eggnog/Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart - Martha Stewart's Eggnog Recipe.

11.19.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Snacks/Chex Mix
Holiday Chex Mix - A Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Blossom Cookie Chex Mix recipe.

11.18.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Central Market
Central Market - A recipe for fennel and herb stuffing from Central Market.

11.17.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Southern Living
Southern Living - Classic Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes from Southern Living.

11.16.17 - Politics/United States Senate/Texas/Campaign/Republican/2018/Candidates
Bruce Jacobson,Jr. - Today Bruce Jacobson,Jr. announces he's running for the office of United States Senate for Texas.

11.15.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Pecan Pie/Cheese Cake/Recipes/Kraft Recipes
Kraft Recipes - A pecan pie cheesecake recipe.

11.14.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Pecan Pie/Recipes/Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker - Pecan pie recipes.

11.13.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Turkey/Recipes/Country Living
Country Living - These recipes will take your Thanksgiving from bland to brilliant in no time.

11.12.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Turkey/Recipes/Honeysuckle White
Honeysuckle White - A recipe for braised apple cider turkey.

11.11.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Turkey/Stuffing/allrecipes
allrecipes - The best Thanksgiving recipes turkey and stuffing,pumpkin pie,mashed potatoes,gravy,and tips along the way.

11.10.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Food Network Top 50 Thanksgiving Recipes
Food Network - The Food Network's Top 50 Thanksgiving Recipes.

11.09.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Desserts/Ghirardelli
Ghirardelli - Dessert recipes for the Holidays .

11.08.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Turkey/Stuffing/Pies/Cranberry Sauce/Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market - Recipes for a traditional Thanksgiving meal .

11.07.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Plano/Texas/Turkey/Stuffing/Pies/Cranberry Sauce/Eatzi's
Eatzi's - Eatzi's will have their chef-crafted Holiday meals for the taking available starting on November 16.

11.06.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Dallas/Texas/Turkeys/Cajun Fried/Shuck N Jive
Shuck N Jive - Shuck N Jive is selling cajun fried turkeys for the holidays.

11.05.17 - Holidays/Thanksgiving/Food and Beverage/Recipes/Taste of Home
Taste of Home - Give thanks for family and friends by making these favorite Thanksgiving Recipes!

11.04.17 - Movies/New Releases/Fantasy/SCI-FI/DC/Super Heroes/Justice League
Justice League - Fueled by his faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act,Bruce Wayne enlists new found ally Diana Prince to face an even greater threat.Together,Batman and Wonder Woman work quickliy to recruit a team to stand against the newly awakened enemy.

11.03.17 - Emoji/Advertising/Consulting/Agencies/Startups
Emoji Advertising - @Emoji4Brands - Hershey's Emoji? is it? 💩 When it is a good idea for a brand to use the 🍆?? This is a startup idea from "How to Start a Startup in 30 Minutes".

11.02.17 - Emoji/Seasonal/Holidays/Thanksgiving/
Thanksgiving Emoji - List of Thanksgiving-related emojis. 🦃 Turkey, 🍂 fallen leaves, 🌰 chestnuts, and other relevant emojis for this Thanksgiving holiday.

11.01.17 - Emoji/Seasonal/Holidays/Thanksgiving/
Turkey EmojiTurkey Emoji - 🦃 - A turkey, a bird that is often cooked and eaten at Thanksgiving or Christmas. This emoji displays as a live turkey-

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