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2.20.18 - Food and Beverage/Companies/Coffee/Highly Caffeinated/Death Wish Coffee
Death Wish Coffee - Awaken your inner rebel with world's strongest coffee!

2.19.18 - Electronics/Shopping/Products/Robots/STAR WARS/Stormtrooper
First Order Stormtrooper - Welcome to the First Order. Take direct command of your First Order Stormtrooper with UBTECH's app-ennabled Stormtrooper Robot. With a cutting-edge AR experience, voice command capability, facial recognition to ward off intruders, and patrolling capabilities to keep your area safe, the Resistance does not stand a chance.

2.18.18 - Events/Annual/Cars/Racing/NASCAR/Daytona 500
DAYTONA 500 - The Daytona 500 celebrates it's 60th running!

2.17.18 - Food and Beverage/Companies/Sparkling Beverage/Tea/Energy/Highly Caffinated/Zest Tea
Sparkling Energy Tea - Zest's sparkling beverages are a line of healthy and natural energy teas that have as much caffine as a strong cup of coffee (3x regular teas) and contains L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that has been shown to enhance alertness while reducing the jitters and crash. The result is a more steady and focused alertness that lasts for hours!

2.16.18 - Events/Sports/Basketball/NBA/All-Star Weekend 2018
NBA All-Star 2018 - NBA All-Star 2018 Schedule of Events.

2.15.18 - Shopping/Bicycles/Mountain/29+/Trek/Stache 5
Stache 5 - With Stache 5, you don't have to pay a big cover charge to get into the 29+ party. It's a trail hardtail that rolls on a 3" mid-fat tires for monster-truck traction on rough and loose terrain. This mountain bike is equipped with a burly suspension fork to keep you on your line when things get rowdy and a frame that delivers a lively and fun ride with it's astonishingly short chainstays.

2.14.18 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Food and Beverage/Gourmet/Cookies/Tyler/Texas/Sister2Sister
Sister2Sister Cookies - Gourmet cookies order them online and have them shipped to your front door for $24.90 a dozen.

2.13.18 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Food and Beverage/Fruit/Arrangements/Chocolated Covered/Edible Arrangements
Edible Arrangements - This January 14th, share the love with your one and only by sending on of our best Valentine's Day Baskets, featuring heart-shaped pineapples and our legendary chocolate covered strawberries.

2.12.18 - Movies/New Releases/Marvel Universe/Black Panther
Black Panther - "! ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS !".

2.11.18 - Winter Olympics/Snowboard/Slopestyle/Red Gerard/Gold Medal Run/First U.S. Gold Medal
Red Gerard's Gold Medal Run - Snowboarder Red Gerard wins first U.S. Gold Medal of 2018 Winter Olympics.

2.10.18 - Valentine's Day/Shopping/Gifts/Flowers/FTD
FTD - Top 5 Valentine's Day picks.

2.09.18 - Food and Beverage/Restaurants/Dallas/Texas/Pizza/Dough Bro's Italian Kitchen
Dough Bro's - Celebrate National Pizza Day at Dough Bro's Italian Kitchen.

2.08.18 - Events/Winter/Sports/Olympics/PyeongChang 2018/Day By Day Preview
PyeongChang 2018 - A day by day preview of events and competitions at PyeongChang 2018.

2.07.18 - Valentine's Day/Shopping/Addison/Texas/Jewelry/Diamonds/Watches/Fuller's Jewelry
Fuller's Jewelry - Lot's of great information to help you make the right decision when purchasing a diamond for Valentine's Day.

2.06.18 - Events/Winter/Sports/Skiing/Freestyle/Moguls/Halfpipe/Skiercross/Aerials/Olympic Guide To Freestyle Skiing
Freestyle Skiing - According to 2017 world champion and US Olympic team member McRae Williams, it's one of the most exciting events at the Olympic Winter Games. To someone who hasn't seen it before, "watching us hit those huge jumps and grinding rails on skis is really cool!"

2.05.18 - Valentine's Day/Shopping/Gifts/Desserts/Sweets/Strawberries/Shari's Berries
Shari's Berries - Give love to everyone this Valentine's Day. Send Valentine's Day gifts like dipped strawberries, chocolates, caramel marshmellow pops, love bug brownie pops, dipped cherries, chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies, dipped pretzels and red velvet cake truffles.

2.04.18 - Events/Sports/Football/NFL/Super Bowl VII
Super Bowl VII - The NFL's guide to Super Bowl VII.

2.03.18 - Valentine's Day/Shopping/Gifts/Strawberries/Fruit/Chocolates/Sweets/Harry & David
Harry & David - Warm hearts this Valentine's Day with thoughtful gifts to share with those who matter most.

2.02.18 - Valentine's Day/Shopping/Gifts/Food and Beverage/Bakery/Cinnamon Rolls/Coffee/Frozen Drinks/Cinnabon
Cinnabon - Give the gift of Cinnabon on Valentine's Day.

2.01.18 - Shopping/Bicycles/Road/Adventure/Gravel/Diamondback Haanjo
Diamondback Haanjo- The Haanjo is a bike that defies definitions and exceeds expectations. Part road bike, part mountain bike, it is designed to let you chosse how and where you want to ride-whether that's commuting or all-road adventure.

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