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10.31.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Pumpkin/Carving/Online
Carving Pumpkins- Carve Your Pumpkin Online.

10.30.18 - Halloween/Candy/Candy Corn/Companies
Brach's Candy- ! Football Candy Corn !

10.29.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Parties/Recipes/Dinner
Stack Of Bones- Slow Cooker Rib Recipe.

10.28.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted House/Tyler/Texas
World of Khaos- Do you think you're brave enough for our haunted house in Tyler, TX?.

10.27.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Houston/Texas
Nightmare On The Bayou- Houston's Only Haunted House With Real Ghosts.

10.26.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Houston/Texas
Creepy Hollow- Bigger, Better, and Scarier for 2018.

10.25.18 - Halloween/Shopping/Candy/Stores/Online
Candy Warehouse- Halloween Candy.

10.24.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Costumes/Vintage/Addison/Texas
Dallas Vintage Shop- A Vintage Clothing Store & Full Line Masquerade & Theme Party Costume Mega-Store.

10.23.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Costumes/Masks/Full Head/
Halloween Express- Horror Masks.

10.22.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Costumes/Masks/Full Head/
Trick or Treat Studios- Comfortable Top Quality Full Head Halloween Masks.

10.21.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Parties/Recipes/Treats/Easy
Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs- Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs Recipe.

10.20.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Parties/Recipes/Treats/Chocolate/Cookies
Chocolate Monster Cookies- Chocolate Monster Cookies Recipe.

10.19.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Parties/Recipes/Treats
3 Ingredient Rice Krispie Treat Mummies- 3 Ingredient Rice Krispie Treat Mummies Recipe.

10.18.18 - Halloween/Entertaining/Parties/Recipes/Treats/Cookies/Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Spider Cookies- Peanut Butter Spider Cookies Recipe.

10.17.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Houston/Texas
Phobia Haunted Houses- The Official Phobia Haunted House Website.

10.16.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Music/EDM/Festivals/Houston/Texas
Freaky Deaky Texas- The Freaky Deaky Texas Lineup.

10.15.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Music/Art/Festivals/NOLA
Voodoo Music Festival- Official Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Website.

10.14.18 - Sports/Teams/Football/Austin/Texas
Texas Longhorns- Six straight wins for the Longhorns. The last time that they were bowl eligible at this point in the season was in 2009.

10.13.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Dallas/Texas
Screams Park Dallas- The Official Screams Park Website. -

10.12.18 - Halloween/Candy/Online Store/Custom
My M&M's- M&M's Online Store. -

10.11.18 - Halloween/Costumes/Decorations/Accessories/Stores/Addison/Texas
Spirit Halloween Addison- Do you often wonder, "Where is the closest Halloween store near me?" Well question no longer, Spirit Halloween is your number one stop for all things Halloween in Addison,TX. -

10.10.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Lake Dallas/Texas
Dan's Haunted House- Evil has again fallen on Dan's Haunted House. A tsunami of darkness has broken over the land drawn by Hachiman's foul magic and the curse that festers in the haunted trees. What hasn't been washed away has become tainted by evil. Now the land swarms with malformed creatures pulled from the deep abyss! -

10.09.18 - Fall/Entertainment/Corn Mazes/Hayrides/Mountain Slide/Hondo/Texas
Graff 7A Ranch- A family adventure with food and fun for all ... in Hondo, Texas! Home of South Texas Maize weekends in the fall. -

10.08.18 - Halloween/Shopping/Online/Clothing/Costumes
Halloween Costumes- The biggest selection of costumes in the world! -

10.07.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Festivals/Live Music/Zombie Shoot/Houston/Texas
Houston Scream Fest- The Houston Scream Fest is more than just a haunted house, it's a haunted festival! -

10.06.18 - Halloween/Food and Beverage/Candy/Recipes/Candy Corn
Candy Corn Recipe- Alton Brown's Candy Corn Recipe. -

10.05.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Bedford/Texas
Moxley Manor- Moxley Manor Haunted House returns this fall, bringing you two haunted houses for the price of one! - Open September 28 - Halloween Night. -

10.04.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Virtual Reality/Dallas/Texas
Virtual Haunted House- Are you prepared to take on hordes of the undead? Our haunted house in Dallas Fort Worth presents a truly immersive Virtual Haunted House Walkthrough and Zombie Apocalypse experience. -

10.03.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Games/Hayrides/Paintballs/Zombies/DFW
DFW Zombie Hunt- YOU. SHOOT. ZOMBIES. - That's right! This is your chance to "open fire" and protect your city. Have you ever wanted to play paintball but didn't like the idea of getting shot or getting dirty? We found the solution! The zombies have the rage but only you have the weapons!

10.02.18 - Entertainment/Games/Interactive/Puzzles/Rooms/Dallas/Texas
Escape The Room Dallas- Whether you choose to dive into the depths of the earth, rob an 1880's bank, get locked in the most elaborate apartment ever or become a secret angent, you will have an experience unlike any other at Escape The Room Dallas. -

10.01.18 - Halloween/Entertainment/Haunted Houses/Plano/Texas
Dark Hour Haunted House- Dark Hour Haunted House - This Halloween Season - Sleep Ends. Nightmare's Don't. - Open Select Nights 9/21 - 10/31. -

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